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Experience 200 km2 of awe-inspiring natural environment


The perfect combination of commercial livestock ranching and wildlife conservation

Lolldaiga Hills Ranch is a 200 km2 (49,000 acre) livestock ranch and wildlife conservancy. Located 20 km northwest of Mount Kenya at an altitude of 1,700 – 2,300 m, the Ranch has outstanding views of Mount Kenya and the Aberdares. The Lolldaiga Range is an ancient land form, comprising of a series of magnificent high folding hills, cedar forests, open grassland and wooded valleys. A well documented series of archaeological finds, cave paintings and burial mounds show that the Lolldaiga Hills have been a treasured home since early mankind.

Latest News

The Manyara Monkey: A New Subspecies of Monkey Endemic to Tanzania

Thomas Butynski and Yvonne de Jong, Eastern Africa Primate Diversity and Conservation Program The taxonomy of the Gentle Monkey Cercopithecus mitis has been debated for many decades, mainly due to the complex and wide distribution of its many subspecies. Tanzania and Kenya, together, support no fewer than eight of the currently recognized 17 subspecies.  In […]

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Latest Blog Post

Distribution, abundance, and natural history of Lelwel Hartebeest on Lolldaiga Hills Ranch, central Kenya

Thomas M. Butynski & Yvonne A. de Jong, Lolldaiga Hills Research Programme The Lelwel Hartebeest (or ‘Kenya Highland Hartebeest’) Alcelaphus buselaphus lelwel (Figures 1, 3, 4 & 5) is an ‘Endangered’ subspecies (IUCN 2016b).

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Latest Portfolio

Heather Wall – January 2019

Heather Wall is a photography enthusiast, with a passion for wildlife. She is based in Nairobi and is a regular visitor to Lolldaiga Hills Ranch.

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