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Lolldaiga Hills Research Programme

The Lolldaiga Hills Research Programme (LHRP) was initiated on 1st August 2013 as part of the research arm of the Sustainability Centre Eastern Africa (SCEA). The goal of the LHRP is to maintain, if not enhance, the conservation values of the LHCL over the long-term, while allowing for the sustainable use of the landscape’s natural resources. The LHRP will (1) establish climatic, ecological, and land-use baselines, and document and evaluate climatic, ecological, and land-use change, its direction (trend), its extent, and its significance (impact), (2) undertake and support applied ecological research, particularly on threatened species and habitats, and (3) conduct and support research relevant to the sustainable use of, and reclamation of, natural resources.


(i) Identify knowledge-gaps, and collect and disseminate high-quality information for prioritizing, developing, guiding, monitoring and evaluating natural resource conservation projects in eastern Africa, particularly those of SCEA.

(ii) Provide leadership and training in the following research disciplines: ecology, animal behaviour, biogeography, conservation biology, ecological monitoring, biodiversity assessment, sustainable use of natural resources, historical ecology, landscape archaeology, and environmental and climatic change.

(iii) Establish strong and active partnerships with leading scientists, post doctoral researchers, and master degree and doctoral degree students from local, national and international institutions (e.g., universities, museums, research centres, environmental and conservation NGOs) that will support the two above-mentioned objectives in an interdisciplinary manner.

Primary Activities:

The LHRP will conduct and promote research, information exchange and training primarily in the following areas:

  • Biodiversity and biogeography
  • Ecology and behaviour of threatened and poorly-known species
  • Human-wildlife conflict assessment and resolution
  • Sustainable use and reclamation of natural resources
  • Habitat change, land-use change and climate change

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If you are interested in exploring ways by which you, your institution, your foundation, or your company can partner with and support the LHRP, please click here or contact the Director. Ultimately, you may wish to visit the LHCL to tour the landscape, meet with the staff, and discuss partnership opportunities in detail.

Team of herpetologist, together with Dr. Tom Butynski, working on one of Lolldaiga Hills Ranch northern Kopjes.

Team of herpetologist, together with Dr. Tom Butynski, working on one of Lolldaiga Hills Ranch northern Kopjes.