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The programmes of the Sustainability Centre Eastern Africa are being designed in; business management and bio-enterprise development, related technical skills, natural resource conservation and management. The accredited and strategically designed training and courses for conservation enterprises and natural resource managers are to be facilitated by Kenyan and international experts, and supported by demonstration, practical extension and on-farm trials.

Conservation enterprise and sustainable livelihoods education is urgently needed to enable to economic wellbeing of ASAL communities. This can only be achieved through improving their potential to earn better incomes, while ensuring long-term viability of the resource base from which these incomes are derived. SCEA initiative focuses on improving skills of conservation, business managers and resource users in sustainable land-use enterprises that integrate ecologically sound natural resource management methods.

Future sustainability and economic viability of most conservation and dryland enterprises can only be assured where the knowledge and skills base of managers, entrepreneurs and resource users is based on sound research. SCEA’s expanding database of good practice will offer valuable information for developing, implementing, guiding, monitoring and evaluating livelihoods and conservation activities in the ASAL, as well as for formulating effective policies. As such, research is the cornerstone of SCEA.



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