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The Lolldaiga Hills Ranch Bird List reaches 419 species

By Tom Butynski & Yvonne de Jong

Five species have been added to the Lolldaiga Hills Ranch Bird List since May 2019. These species were encountered by Gerhard Nicholaus, Gudrun Galetz and Tom Butynski. The list now stands at 419 species.

Here are the five species:

Dendrocygna viduata White-faced whistling duck

Locustella fluviatilis River warbler

Zosterops poliogastrus Montane white-eye

Luscinia luscinia Thrush nightingale

Anthus cervinus Red-throated pipit

The up-dated version of Birds of Lolldaiga Hills Ranch can be downloaded here.

White-faced whistling duck (Dendrocygna viduata). Photograph by Yvonne de Jong & Tom Butynski

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    Ben Mugambi


    Thanks guys for putting together this birdlist. Indeed, Lolldaiga has always been wonderful for birds and overtime it has proved to be such an important hub to the migratory species…the Red-throated Pipit is getting harder to see nowadays, so it is a fabulous record among those other species!


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