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Code of Conduct

There is a Lolldaiga Hills Code of Conduct which all visitors must adhere to.

  1. Please read, sign, and give the disclaimer to guide or management on arrival.
  2. You may game drive anywhere on the Lolldaiga Hills but please do not drive off-road. Be careful of old tracks (they may have large Aardvark holes) and avoid roads that are boggy in the rainy season.
  3. The speed limit is 40 KPH.
  4. Be alert for wildlife at all times and please be considerate when viewing animals. Do not make excessive noise on game drives – it may frighten the animals and make them aggressive. Animals have right of way.
  5. Do not leave your vehicle on game drives, except in designated areas. If riding, do not dismount in the presence of wildlife.
  6. Do not discard litter or cigarette butts anywhere on the Ranch.
  7. Please do not damage or remove any flora or fauna, including bones and plants.
  8. Never feed the wildlife. It will habituate the animals, cause unnecessary dependence on humans and possibly harm to the animal.
  9. The British Army uses the Ranch for training exercises throughout the year. You will have been told if they are present during your stay. If they are using the ranch you should drive with a sign reading, “Non-Exercise Player” on display. However be aware they may block tracks and even site ‘villages’ on your route. Please be patient – they have right of way and can control your movements.
  10. If you see or hear anything out of the ordinary please report it to the General Manager (especially shots – if the British Army is not in residence).
  11. Please do not walk without an armed ranger. Please do not run anywhere on the ranch.

Click here to download the Code of Conduct