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Rates and Payment details

You are very welcome to visit Lolldaiga Hills Ranch

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Residents: Ksh 2,000 per adult per day, children (5-15 yrs) Ksh 1,000
Non-residents: $80 per adult per day, children (5-15 yrs) $40

Pay with Mpesa:

  • Go to Paybill
  • Enter business No. 910200
  • Enter Account No. 2190008541
  • Enter amount



Professional organisations pay a standard camp fee per night, for the whole camp, plus conservation fees per individual per night. Non-commercial campers pay an individual camping fee plus conservation fees, per individual per night. 


Residents: 25,000/- | Non-residents: $250 campsite fee per night (includes firewood and ranger plus one bowser of water on arrival)

Plus conservation fees per individual per night


Whistling Thorn Campsite (firewood provided)

Resident adult: 1,500/-, child (5-15 yrs): 750/- | Non-resident adult: $35, child (5-15 yrs): $18 per night

Plus conservation fees per individual per night


Trailer of firewood: 8,000/-
Bowser of water (5,000 litres): 7,500/-
Ranger/Guide per day or night: 2,000/-



Farmhouse (self-catering 4 x bedroom for 8 persons) per night (+ conservation fees) – Residents: 30,000/- | Non-residents: $300

Farmhouse for more then 8 persons per night per head – Residents: 2,000/- | Non-residents: $20



Annual individual and family passes are now available for unlimited access (except when the ranch is closed). Please contact us on for prices and additional information. 

Entrance to Lolldaiga Hills Ranch is strictly on a pre-booking basis only

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Smith’s dik-dik (Madoqua guentheri smithi). Photograph by Yvonne de Jong