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Mount Kilimanjaro Guereza: a New Subspecies of Primate for Kenya

By Thomas Butynski & Yvonne de Jong
Lolldaiga Hills Research Programme & Eastern Africa Primate Diversity and Conservation Program

Africa harbours a great diversity of primates, most of which are endemic to the continent. Of the 25 genera and 93 species of primate in Africa, Kenya has 12 genera, 19 species and 24 subspecies, and Tanzania has 14 genera, 27 species and 28 subspecies. Although primates are one of the best studied taxonomic groups in East Africa, their biogeography, abundance, and conservation status remains poorly understood.  

First Camera Trap Images of Ratel on Lolldaiga Hills Ranch

By Carly Butynski, volunteer, Lolldaiga Hills Research Programme

The Lolldaiga Hills Research Project is using 10 ZSL/EDGE/LHRP InstantWild camera traps to help document the species of animals present on Lolldaiga Hills Ranch. On 2 February and 5 February, 2015, two camera traps captured the first images of ratel (or honey badger; Mellivora capensis) on Lolldaiga Hills Ranch.