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Laikipia County: Geography, Environment, and Biodiversity

By Tom Butynski and Yvonne de Jong, Lolldaiga Hills Research Programme and Eastern Africa Primate Diversity and Conservation Program

In drafting a recent article (Primate Conservation in the Rangeland Agroecosystem of Laikipia County, Central Kenya), we became aware that information concerning the geography, environment, and biodiversity of Laikipia County, central Kenya, was (surprisingly) widely scattered, frequently difficult to locate, and sometimes incorrect. We have, therefore, produced a short document that presents some of the more important and most often-sought facts about the geography, environment, and biodiversity of Laikipia County.  Click here to access the document

Overlooking the southern valley and Valley dam from Kanyambu viewpoint.

Southern Valley and Valley Dam from Kanyambu Viewpoint on Lolldaiga Hills Ranch, Laikipia. Photograph by Yvonne de Jong & Tom Butynski.


Report on a three-day survey of the herpetofauna of Lolldaiga Hills Ranch, central Kenya

By Spawls, S., Malonza, P. K. & Muchai, V.  2013.  
Unpublished report to Lolldaiga Hills Ranch, Nanyuki. Pp. 13.

Abstract:  On a three-day expedition to the Lolldaiga Hills Ranch, on the northwest slope of Mt. Kenya, to survey the herpetofauna, we collected/observed two species of snake, ten species of lizard, and nine species of amphibian. Discussions with residents indicated the presence of many more species. The zoogeographical affinities of the herpetofauna, the likely occurrence of further species, and suggestions for additional herpetofaunal surveys are discussed.

This report holds a list of the species of reptiles and amphibians known to occur on Lolldaiga Hills Ranch as of late 2013.  In addition, there are 21 excellent photographs of reptiles and amphibians that are known to occur in Laikipia County…most of them on Lolldaiga Hills Ranch. 

Access the full report here

Psammophis mossambicus small

Olive sand snake (Psammophis mossambicus) on Lolldaiga Hills Ranch. Photograph by Stephen Spawls.