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Guereza monkey

Mount Kenya guereza monkey (Colobus guereza kikuyuensis)

Altitude range:  1900 – 2200 m  De Jong & Butynski - C. g. kikuyensis - Nanyuki 
Main habitats:   Riverine forest and tall, dense, cedar and olive forest
Percentage of Lolldaiga used:  ca. 1%
Group size:  3 – 10
Abundance as of May 2015:   100 – 150 individuals

Other information:  Group of three at Three Dams.  Otherwise, only along the Timau River in Kianugu Forest on southern boundary of Lolldaiga.  Much more widespread in central Lolldaiga highlands during 1990s.  Loss of tall cedar and olive forest to fire may be the primary cause of this population decline.

DeJong & Butynski - LHL -colobus

Distribution maps prepared by the Lolldaiga Hills Research Programme; Yvonne de Jong, Tom Butynski, Julius Mathiu, Mike Roberts, Paul Benson, and Johnson Parkenga.