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Lelwel hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus lelwel)

Altitude range:  1700  – 2000 mDe Jong - jacksons hartebeest - lolldaiga small
Main habitats:  Open grassland with scattered bush and trees.
Percentage of Lolldaiga used:  30 – 40%
Group size:  1 – 16.  Typically 3 – 10.
Abundance as of May 2015:  25 – 30 individuals.  

Other information:  Globally ‘Endangered’ subspecies endemic to Laikipia County. Global population probably <500 individuals.  Lolldaiga likely holds c. 5% of the global population.  Population on Lolldaiga, and in Laikipia Country, appears to be in decline.  Two main herds are present on Lolldaiga, one in the South Valley and one in the North Valley.  

DeJong & Butynski - LHL - HartebeestDistribution maps prepared by the Lolldaiga Hills Research Programme; Yvonne de Jong, Tom Butynski, Julius Mathiu, Mike Roberts, Paul Benson, and Johnson Parkenga.