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Klipspringer (Oreotragus oreotragus) 

Altitude range:  1800 – 2300 mklipspringer small
Main habitats:   Granitic inselbergs (kopjes) and steep, rocky, hillsides with bush and forest.
Percentage of Lolldaiga used:  10 – 20%
Group size:  1 – 3 (family groups comprised of parents and offspring)
Abundance as of May 2015:   150 – 250 individuals

Other information:  Probably present on all of Lolldaiga’s larger inselbergs and steep, rocky, hillsides.  Cryptic and easily over-looked.

DeJong & Butynski - LHL - KlipspringerDistribution maps prepared by the Lolldaiga Hills Research Programme; Yvonne de Jong, Tom Butynski, Julius Mathiu, Mike Roberts, Paul Benson, and Johnson Parkenga.